Visit to the Summit Modular construction yard

April 6, 2023

We recently paid a visit to the Summit Modular construction yard to tour their facilities and view the first homes they are building for us.


Talk about impressive!


Their yard is structured in such a way with (in this particular instance) 5 homes on the go at the same time, lined up side by side.  So their trade crews simply go from home to home, finishing their work to the usual high Summit standard, before literally walking next door to start on the next one.


Beyond those 5 homes, the slabs and wall/roof trusses for the next builds were lined up and ready to go – slab with trusses neatly stacked on top.


Then there was the massive factory, large enough to construct a number of homes inside!


Our partnership with Summit is an exciting one with the first two homes delivered last week and many more to come.