Australind lifestyle community – another new lifestyle gets closer

February 3, 2023

Transport day is so much more than just another house into the Edenlife Australind lifestyle community.

It’s a new lifestyle for that resident…

A lifestyle that is centred around relaxation and reinvigoration.

Of doing things they want to do not things they have to do.

Of creating new friendships.

We are very excited for this resident that they are one step closer to their new life in the Edenlife Australind lifestyle community.

Home design:
  • Egret
  • 2 bedrooms, study, 1.5 bathrooms, double carport
  • From $379,950
About the design:
  • The Egret is built across two slabs, which are transported separately and re-joined on site, a remarkable process that leaves you wondering if the home ever was two separate pieces.
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