Edenlife Community Bus Trip

October 31, 2022

Another fun day was had by the ladies on the latest Edenlife community bus trip.

Taking advantage of the good weather, they jumped on their bus and went to view the magnificent public murals that form the Collie Mural Trail.

The Trail is an outdoor art gallery that extends from the Wellington Dam to the town centre and tells stories about the town’s history through art.  The art shared here is all done by Jacob Butler (Shakey) whose talent is amazing, as is all the other artists.  The Collie Mural Trail is definitely worth seeing and if you’re interested, you can find info on all the art, artists and a Trail map here – www.colliemuraltrail.com

The bus is a recent addition to the Edenlife Australind community and is being well used by residents on social trips such as these and also for regular trips to the local shops.