Open the door to a world of convenience

Choose Edenlife, simplify your life and start living

Our Edenlife Lifestyle communities embrace all that life should be, with charming surrounds, relaxed neighbourhoods and a 5-star clubhouse. Spend afternoons by the pool, share a coffee with a friend in your entertainment area, or watch a movie with the grandkids at the cinema. At Edenlife, we combine the best of independent living with new luxuries and conveniences. You are welcome to get as involved as you like!


Choose from a range of modern and comfortable one, two or three bedroom homes, customised to suit a number of lifestyles. At your consultation, we will help guide you to a home that best fits your needs and budget.

The Best of Living

We’ll handle all the unpleasant parts of being a home owner, covering local government rates, taxes, rubbish levies and front lawn and garden maintenance. More importantly, our gated community will ensure your property is taken care of 24/7. Residents can take vacations with the comfort of knowing their home is secure within our safe community.

Your Neighbourhood

Joining Edenlife, you are saying hello to like-minded neighbours ready to indulge in the community built exclusively for over 50s. Want to know what your weekends will look like? Our Edenlife communities are situated within lifestyle and social hubs, ensuring our residents are provided with the ultimate unity of life and luxury.

How it works

Our low prices are possible because of your exclusive purchase arrangement, where you purchase your own home and lease the land

Your new home is a ‘land-lease’, leased for a weekly rent that incorporates a wide range of service fees, taxes and amenities. You’ll completely own your home, though you can leave behind having to pay local government rates, taxes, rubbish levies or gym memberships. We’ll even take care of your front garden maintenance!

Your Home at Edenlife

Choose your location, your home design and your internal finishes. Edenlife offer a range of modern and comfortable single level homes, customised to suit a number of lifestyles. After you place your $500 (fully refundable) deposit, we will arrange a consultation with you and the builder, to select a style that best fits you.

Each home is built with a sustainable design, high-speed internet and technology, quality interiors, designer kitchens and bathrooms, a carport, private alfresco, fencing, paving, front garden and reticulation.

Lock and Leave

Looking to spend most of your time traveling? No problem! Edenlife communities have full surveillance and provide residents reassurance that their home will be looked after. We want you to be able to lock and leave your home whenever you please.

Your Living Arrangements

We’ve made moving as easy as it can be, developing a simple ‘land-lease’ contract that means you completely own your home and can sell at any time.

Leases can last up to 60 years, and in this case, the land lease will end when you sell your home. The new owners will simply take over paying the weekly rent from date of settlement.

Financial Assistance

Living at Edenlife, there are a number of financial assistance opportunities you can look at to reduce your household bills as a pensioner including Commonwealth Rent Assistance. We can direct you towards these at your first consultation.

The Process

Moving into Edenlife is a simple four step process.

  1. Come in for a free consultation with our team, where we can discuss everything there is to know about our lifestyle communities. You are completely free from obligation at your consultation.
  2. Choose your dream home and location at one of our lifestyle communities. When you’re ready, a refundable $500 deposit is all that’s needed to secure your site. You then choose your home design and the internal/external colour selections..
  3. Once your building plans become available, we will meet with you to discuss the plans and contract in detail. Construction of your new home will commence inline with our building schedule.
  4. Your new home is delivered to the site and connected to all services. The Residential Site Agreement is drawn up and once signed you’re ready to move in and enjoy your new home.

Your Questions Answered

  • When you move to Edenlife, your purchase agreement is known as a land-lease. The lease grants you the right to occupy your ‘site’ and use all facilities within Edenlife. This agreement simply requires you to pay a weekly fee which rents/leases the land.
  • Entering into an agreement of this type allows us to offer more affordable purchase prices for your home as you are not paying outright for the land. Edenlife will cover taxes, settlement fees and any ongoing costs of land ownership. Within the land-lease, you are also able to claim Government Rent Assistance if you are eligible. 
  • The first leases will be for a term of 60 years.  Each subsequent change of ownership will include the balance of the lease period. For example, if you choose to sell your home after 10 years of occupying the site, the new owners will take over your lease with 50 years remaining. It is important to keep in mind that your obligations and lease concludes once your home is sold.
  • The Residential Parks (Long Stay Tenants) Act 2006 and Regulations 2007. Your lease will be regarded as a Site-Only Fixed-Term Long Stay Agreement.
  • We will contact home owners to potentially roll the lease over for a further lease period.
  • Yes. You will own your home and are entitled to sell at any point. At point of sale, the new home owners will simply take over your land-lease and weekly rent.

The site fee gives you the right to occupy the land where your home is sited and covers the costs of running the community. The current fee is around $195.00 per week which reduces to around $130.00 per week to those on a pension, after the Commonwealth rebate is applied.

  • On the 1st of July each year, Edenlife has the option of increasing your weekly rent by 3.5% or CPI (whichever is higher).
  • Upon signing your rental agreement and lease agreement, you will sign a direct debit authority for a fortnightly payment to be deducted from your bank account.
  • No. You will have to pay the full weekly rent and if you have set up your personal rent assistance. The Government will pay your subsidy directly to you.
  • Your local team.
  • Exclusive use of all of the clubhouse and community facilities.
  • All local government rates and taxes including water rates and household rubbish removal.
  • Home electricity use (conditions apply).
  • Maintenance of communal gardens and grounds, including your front garden.
  • Repairs and maintenance of roads, signage and street lighting.
  • Repairs and maintenance of your reticulated front garden, community lawns and gardens, common spaces and facilities.
  • 24/7 security monitored gated entry and friendly neighbourhood watch.
  • Cleaning of the grounds and facilities.
  • Closed circuit TV from your home to the front gate for after-hours access control.
  • A secure mailbox sorted at the Community office.
  • Yes, however this is highly unlikely. We have taken great care in establishing good neighbour rules to ensure all residents can live in peace and harmony. As the community manager, Edenlife is obliged and skilled in facilitating a warm and welcoming environment.
  • If you are a pensioner, you are more than likely entitled to Commonwealth Rent Assistance. At your initial consultations, we can provide you with a letter clearly entailing the purchase agreement – to make the process as smooth as possible with Centrelink.
  • If you would like more information on rental assistance, visit the Centrelink website.
  • Our initial consultation with the builder prior to construction, will allow you to raise and discuss any changes to a standard design – to personalise your home to a design that suits you. Once your home has been built, you are required to submit any external changes to Community Management for approval.  However, changes you make to the interior of your home are completely up to you.
  • If  you wish to sell, Edenlife will employ skilled sales staff to sell your home. With experience and access to a list of individuals wanting to buy into our lifestyle communities, we believe we are best placed to handle the sale of your home for you. Alternatively, you can also choose to appoint a local real estate agent.
  • At the point of re-sale with the new owners, your land-lease will come to an end and along with your obligations to pay any further weekly rent. The new owners will take over the balance of the lease with Edenlife from the date of settlement.
  • You will receive full proceeds from the sale of the home, pending any outstanding fees to Edenlife. This may include weekly rent, the sales fee (i.e. real estate agent fee) for Edenlife or your agent to sell your home.

Some lifestyle communities charge an exit fee, often referred to as a deferred management fee,  deferred rent or exit fee. Edenlife does not charge any such fees. All the proceeds from the sale of your home are yours less your selling agents fee. 

  • Yes. All of our lifestyle communities are located within family-friendly communities and have a fully secured front and rear entry. Each night, these gates are locked and we have a CCTV network in place which you can view from your TV or smart device. You can rest easy knowing Edenlife provides a safe and secure community.
  • Yes! You are welcome to have pets within your own home, we only ask that you gain approval by Community Management. Pets must not pose any impact to local wildlife and/or cause nuisance to surrounding residents.
  • Yes! Visitors are welcome within Edenlife and you are welcome to enjoy the best of the clubhouse with your friends and family. Extended periods of stay for visitors are also discussed at the time of signing your lease.
  • Edenlife is designed to optimally cater for over 50s who do not currently have children permanently living with them. Children are more than welcome to visit or stay for short periods of time. This is perfectly okay as long as the children are not permanent residents.
  • All mail is sorted for you at the Community Office and placed in your private locked mailbox in the central mail room.
  • The Community Management team are involved in looking after the needs of the community and managing our respective obligations as and when required.