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Why settle for anything but the best fit for your lifestyle? Find a home design you’ll love and see how simplifying life lets you really live it!

Lifestyle home designs to suit all sorts

With multiple configurations available, sustainability- minded design, quality interiors and landscaping, there’s a lot to love in your Edenlife home.

What makes Edenlife
a smarter choice?

Put simply: more freedom of choice, including the choice to move without the drama of exit fees. So, you can settle in or sell down the track as it suits your situation.

  • Living Area

  • Cinema

  • Swimming pool

  • Gym

Take a 3D tour
of the clubhouse

What kind of amenities can you expect? The clubhouse will become the heart of Edenlife. Have a look around your new place from the comfort of your current one.

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Providing free renewable energy

We have installed an imbedded power grid as part of the supply of power for the community including every home. This will be one of the first such communities in Western Australia.

With such a large area on the clubhouse roof and other structures, we have been able to install a large array of solar panels and supporting infrastructure, including battery for energy storage, to supply a minimum of 5 kilowatts per day, per home. This is our initial commitment whilst we continue to welcome new residents, gradually populate the community and in doing so, test and adjust the system to achieve expected power output generation. Power generated will be available to residents and for the operational needs of the community, including the clubhouse (i.e. heating of the pool, air-conditioning, lighting etc).

Our goal is to provide all homes with a minimum of 10 kilowatts of power per home, per day at no cost to residents. We estimate our energy efficient homes combined with informed and energy wise home owners, will use around 8-10 kilowatts of energy per day. This means that for most home owners at Edenlife, your power costs should be low or completely free. Even if you do use more than 10 kilowatts per day, with our energy partner/provider Source Energy, we have negotiated a 5% discount on the base residential tariff (i.e. $0.27 cents per kilowatt less 5%).

This is a great deal for residents, reducing your ongoing power costs by about $80 per month when the full allocation is available (i.e. $0.27 cents x 10 units = $2.70 per day x 30 days = $81.00).

Another great benefit for residents of Edenlife Australind.