Will my house value cover my living costs?

For many, the sale or rental of a home boosts income, allowing them to live out more of what makes the later years great, without the financial stress. Older Aussies can get more value per dollar thanks to Edenlife’s unique land-lease agreement.

Look forward to financial security.

The Lester Group is a WA family-owned and run company specialising in affordable accommodation that doesn’t compromise on lifestyle. At Edenlife, we’re creating manageable-sized homes starting at $174,550, set in a spacious and safe community.

Just 16 mins to Bunbury

A country feel while being close to the largest metro centre of the south west means easy access to shops and healthcare.

Financial assistance

We can direct you to options for reducing your household bills as a pensioner, including Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

Close to the estuary and ocean

Edenlife offers excellent views, set back in a nook protected by the estuary and Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park.

Gates and monitored security

Feel confident at home and that your property is safe when you head on vacation with 24/7 neighbourhood security.

No exit fees and free power

Edenlife does not charge any such fees. All the proceeds from the sale of your home are yours less your selling agents fee.

Own your home

Our low prices are possible because of your exclusive purchase arrangement, where you purchase your own home and lease the land.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our lifestyle communities are located within family-friendly communities and have a fully secured front and rear entry. Each night, these gates are locked and we have a CCTV network in place which you can view from your TV or smart device. You can rest easy knowing Edenlife provides a safe and secure community.

If you are a pensioner, you are more than likely entitled to Commonwealth Rent Assistance. At your initial consultations, we can provide you with a letter clearly entailing the purchase agreement – to make the process as smooth as possible with Centrelink.

If you would like more information on rental assistance, visit the Centrelink website.

If you wish to sell, Edenlife will employ skilled sales staff to sell your home. With experience and access to a list of individuals wanting to buy into our lifestyle communities, we believe we are best placed to handle the sale of your home for you. Alternatively, you can also choose to appoint a local real estate agent.

At the point of re-sale with the new owners, your land-lease will come to an end and along with your obligations to pay any further weekly rent. The new owners will take over the balance of the lease with Edenlife from the date of settlement.

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