So, what does the good life look like to you?

Whether you want to settle down in safety, or set off sometimes to explore in the caravan, Edenlife proves that life is only beginning when you wind back work.

Always a ripper, even when the kids come around.

It’s not the postcode that makes us a community, it’s what we do together. Like regular family events, friendly contests or joining in some banter at the club.

Who’s your hairy mate... and what’s your pet’s name?

Edenlife is a little closer to nature, and we love that neighbours can bond over their pets. Cats, dogs, birds and goldfish are welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a central Club planned to open in 2021. Green spaces, nature trails and your suggestions are all on the table. Say g’day to like-minded neighbours in the community built exclusively for over 50s.

Our initial consultation with the builder prior to construction, will allow you to raise and discuss any changes to a standard design – to personalise your home to a design that suits you. Once your home has been built, you are required to submit any external changes to Community Management for approval. However, changes you make to the interior of your home are completely up to you.

Edenlife is designed to optimally cater for over 50s who do not currently have children permanently living with them. Children are more than welcome to visit or stay for short periods of time. This is perfectly okay as long as the children are not permanent residents.